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Do you like African minerals, crystals & fossils ? If so take a look at our inventory, you just might find something you like. We have good quality minerals & crystals from Namibia, South Africa, Congo, Mali & polished goods from Madagascar.

We have purchased many minerals from famous localities such as Tsumeb, Berg Aukas, Erongo, Karabib, Spitzkopje, Rossing, Rosh Pinah, Brandberg, Goboboseb as well as Kalahari minerals from the N'Chwaning & Wessels mines in South Africa. If you don't see anything that attracts you please bear in mind we have many stock boxes so just ask email us

Read what our customers say about us:
  • Jeremejevite - Very rare specimen, excellent service
  • Jeremejevite - Looked so good I had to buy more
  • Boltwoodite sprays are nice and GREAT customer service! A class act all the way!
  • Dioptase from Tsumeb is Wonderful - just as pictured and described !
  • Garnet is gorgeous ! Super nice seller ! Great packaging! Thanx Debbie!
  • Minerals are superior quality time & time again!!!
  • Brandberg Quartz crystal is Beautiful, is better than described
  • Tsumeb Azurite is stunning! How very lucky I was to get this item
  • Erongo Aquamarine is fantastic in every way! An absolute pleasure to deal with.
  • Topaz beautiful specimen; fast, friendly service; nice smooth transaction.
  • Amethyst cluster is lovely, courteous, fast, smooth transaction, multiple purchases, thanks!!!
  • Calcite is top class, What service WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Usakos Tourmaline is absolutely a mouth wateringly beautiful crystal, smooth transaction
  • Okoruso Fluorite is a stunning; muptiple wins & very pleased with all; highly recommend; Thanks!
  • Tsumeb Dioptase is lovely, Great experience with multiple specimens. They're ALL perfect!!!
  • Malachite from the Congo is rich in colors & amazing style
  • Tsumeb smithsonite - great specimen, as pictured
  • rocks and minerals at Steiner Collectables are top quality time & time again!
  • Labradorite is GORGEOUS ! Fast shipping, great quality & service
  • Dioptase Jewelry is so unique & so RARE - hand made pendant is awesome
  • Smithsonite from Tsumeb is gorgeous
  • Brandberg Quartz Crystal is stunning, as described & pictured I picked up the crystal and felt its energy. Oh my God it knocked my socks off!
  • Would REALLY recommend this seller - ALWAYS amazing crystals and SO nice

These are genuine user comments and not just the good ones!! We are proud to have over 5000 positive feedback on eBay, you can feel very safe dealing with us!

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We have supplied - poldervaartite, jeremejevite, aragonite, fluorite, calcite, rhodochrosite, amazonite, chrysocolla, suglite, aventurine, epidote, bornite, celestite, pietersite, cassiterite, cuprite, rhodonite, galena, copper, danburite, wulfenite, apophyllite, smithsonite, dioptase, azurite, prehnite, cerussite, tiger eye, adamite, rutilated, indicolite, ettringite, Tsumeb, willemite, molybdenite, covellite, datolite, native copper, brandberg quartz for crystal healing, phantom quartz, demantoid, garnet, pyrope, jasper, manganite, spessartine, smoky quartz, amethyst quartz, meteorite, mimetite, Kalahari, labradorite, hollandite, willemite, Madagascar, ocean jasper, aquamaraine, gaudefroyite, pyrite, garnet, tourmaline, aquamarine, sphere, eggs, polished Madagascan, sceptre quartz.
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